A Better Edge

Edge it & Love it Transforming Ordinary yards with beauty and function

Looks amazing works full-time

From Drab to Fab. A Great yard Starts here!

A Better Edge lawn edging that solves landscaping issues

  • Safe
  • Beautiful
  • Perfectly fit
  • Poured-In-place

Landscape Curb Edging and permanent lighting systems

landscape edging

The Problem... Edging that doesn't work


Metal / Plastic / Brick / wood.

  • Sharp
  • Bent
  • Popping out
  • Falling down
  • Rusty 


Bent Metal lawn Edging in a landscape
Bent Metal Edging in a landscape

Lawn edging

An instant yard upgrade! Installed in a day

Concrete edging that plays nice with your yard’s curves and quirks!ย  It’s like a match made in landscaping heaven.

Step on up, furry friends! Our landscape edging is doggy-approved, so your pups can strut their stuff without getting a ‘paws’-itive surprise! ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lets fix your yard Edge it & Love it !

Lawn Borders The way you want

  • Get the clean lines you always dreamed of.
  • Safe, effective and beautiful.
  • 23 YEAR Local biz
  • Low maintenance with high style!

Solve your landscape issues Our systems work

  • Jazz up your gardenย with our curvaceous concrete borders! Say “goodbye” to boring edges and “hello” to fabulous curves!
  • NO lawn tantrums!ย  Our concrete border systems keep your grass and flower beds happily separated.
  • Let those ๐Ÿ‘ฃย little adventurers ๐Ÿพ run, skip, and dance around – our concrete borders are good for feet and paws!

Perfect Performance

  • Jazz up your garden
  • Keep grass at bay
  • Keep pets safe

Who needs a landscape therapist when you’ve got our magical landscape edging? It’s the ultimate remedy for unruly gardens and gives your landscape the therapy it deserves!

Warning: Our landscape edging is so durable, it might just outlast your favorite lawn gnome! It’s the long-lasting superhero your garden deserves!

Lawn border in Colorado
lawn edging cement


A Better Edge is designed to have no cutting edges.

Colorado landscape curb


For rock and mulch,
our system works.

Landscape edging cement
lawn edging concrete


Eliminate many common landscape problems

keep dream landscape in tact
Custom Concrete Landscape Curbing Installation."


Hooray for a yard edge that works.ย  Meaning less replacement costs.