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Understanding our pricing

At A Better Edge, we tailor our pricing for each unique project, ensuring fairness and accuracy.

Here's a guide to potential investment levels for various edging types.

Landscape Curb Only:



~100-130 feet

Edging with some prep

Most popular



100-140 feet

Full Edging



~100-130 feet

Additional Pricing Considerations

Each project’s price reflects the labor involved in both preparation and installation. These estimates are intended to give you a ballpark idea of the costs associated with our high-quality border systems. When considering the long-term satisfaction and low replacement/maintenance costs, A Better Edge offers exceptional value.

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Do it right The First Time

We believe in doing it right the first time, every time. Our commitment to excellence means you can trust us to deliver top-quality results, with precision and expertise. Say goodbye to costly rework and hello to a job done perfectly from the start.

  • Our award-winning stamped concrete border system is effective at helping you
    • Fix lawn encroachment and containment issues,
    • Easier mowing and trimming
    • Safer for your children or pet’s feet. 


After spending thousands on a nice landscape package, you shouldn’t have to be spending valuable family time to keep it nice. Your border should keep it nice without difficulty. 
Metal and plastic lawn edging are imposters. They make you think they will work for you but in the end, they won’t do their job and since metal edging is such a safety hazard, it may already be costing you a great deal.
Let us frame your landscape to protect, beautify and enhance your life.

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We'll install an exclusive system that fits your yard.

Discover the greatest way to instantly upgrade your home and eliminate many landscaping problems.  1000’s of Colorado Springs homeowners have fixed their landscape issues and kept their pets safe with a lawn border system from A Better Edge.   PERFECTLY