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The Psychology Behind a Beautiful Lawn:

Green Space Psychology: Guests laughing and socializing on a vibrant green lawn at an outdoor event inspires great Mental Health

“Discover how a well-maintained lawn can elevate your mood and enhance the experience of any event. Dive into the psychological benefits of a lush green space and learn how it can create a positive, inviting atmosphere for you and your guests

Say goodbye to rogue rocks.

Ever found yourself picking up stray rocks from a parking lot and carefully placing them back into flower beds? That’s me – a stickler for keeping things in their rightful place. Yes, I’m also the guy who doesn’t like his food touching on the plate.

Understanding the longevity of concrete color, Does it Fade?

Is the vibrant color of your colored concrete going to stand the test of time? This is a common question we encounter. To put it simply, the integral pigments we use in colored concrete are UV stable, akin to the high-quality pigments used in tattoos. Made through a process of metal oxidation, these pigments are essentially ‘pre-faded” inorganic colors, ensuring they maintain their hue over time.

Choosing the Best Permanent Holiday Lighting: Oelo vs. Jellyfish vs. Gemstone”

A stunning residential holiday lighting install of OELO brand permanent lights

Choosing a Permanent Lighting system OELO, Jellyfish, Gemstone In this article, we’ll dive into a comparison of three top-notch brands that have emerged as leaders in permanent soffit lighting: Jellyfish, Gemstone, and Oelo Lighting.   Ready to light up your house exterior? Get a proposal today. Name(Required) First Last Email(Required) Enter Email Confirm Email Phone […]

Decorative lawn edging patterns

Costomer reviews on concrete landscaping.

Pick out the best Decorative landscape Edging patterns for your home. A Better Edge landscape border systems come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

Landscape curbing adds curb appeal

Landscape curbing is taking America as a go-to for the best-looking lawns with the easiest maintenance. 

As a leader in the landscape curbing industry, we have helped many businesses across the states and Canada become better service providers for their clients and helped the industry grow in many ways.