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Say Goodbye to Rogue Rocks: Perfecting Your Lawn with A Better Edge

– Have you ever found yourself picking up stray rocks from a parking lot and carefully placing them back into flower beds? That’s me – a stickler for keeping things in their rightful place. Yes, I’m also the guy who doesn’t like his food touching on the plate.
– Naturally, this quirk led me to start A Better Edge, a concrete landscape curbing company dedicated to keeping rock out of the grass and everything in its proper place.

– Traditional edging serves two purposes: keeping landscape materials separate and preventing root encroachment. However, most products on the market fall short in one area or the other. They’re either too low to effectively contain materials or too high, offering little in root control. Plus, let’s not even start on how they clash with your garden’s aesthetic.

**A Better Edge’s Rock Containment Solution:**

This is where A Better Edge’s concrete curbing shines. Our curbing is expertly poured in place at the ideal depth and height, efficiently keeping rocks in place and roots at bay.

**Customization is Key:**
– Our variety of mold sizes and heights ensures a custom fit for every landscape. Most of our projects use a tapered edge for a subtle yet effective border.
– Remember, we’re not about “one size fits all.” We’re about crafting the “just right” solution for your unique space.

**Technical and Design Expertise in landscape curbing:**

– Not all concrete is created equal. Some mixes cut corners on materials, compromising durability. Our proprietary mix is specially engineered for Colorado’s climate, complete with a warranty. Our system integrates seamlessly with your landscape, and you can trim right against it, simplifying maintenance.
– With over 23 years of experience, we have the expertise to assess and fulfill your specific needs confidently.

Imagine a world where you’re not on a first-name basis with every rock in your yard. Where rocks stay put, and you get to spend your weekends relaxing instead of playing landscape detective.

– With A Better Edge, we promise more than just a solution to wandering rocks. We offer peace of mind and the beauty of a well-kept garden. It’s time to put the rock-picking saga behind you.

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