When comparing prices, know what you are getting.

Plastic edging often comes out of the ground due to warping.  The warping makes it difficult to maintain nice, clean lines.  The edging either is held out of the ground to separate materials or is put in the ground as a root barrier.  Unless the plastic is very tall, it is difficult to achieve both material separation and root barrier at the same time.  Expected life span of plastic is low.

Metal edging comes out of the ground due to freezing and thawing in the Colorado Springs climate. The plastic safety cap easily comes off in the sun and it presents a dangerous, hidden knife in the ground.  It is not safe for children or pets.  Metal has the same issue as plastic when you are trying to achieve both material separation and root barrier simultaneously.   With the added safety issue metal becomes a poor choice for anyone with children or pets.  Due to the need to replace it with something safer that does not come out of the ground or rust, the life span on metal edging is also low.

Typical Concrete curbing prices across the country:

In general, Companies nationwide provide ‘landscape curbing’ (industry term) in what is customarily known in the industry as a ‘mower’s edge’.  This is most often a called a 6×4 which means six inches across the face and four inches tall.  Due to the mold that this ‘mower’s edge’ is extruded from, it often seems to end up at about 5.75 by 3.75 tall in the back and 1+ inches on the front.  This smaller size does not accommodate commercial mowers well and does not provide as good of a root barrier as the original A Better Edge.

It seems that across the country most companies have a per/foot pricing schedule.  At A Better Edge, we price our lawn and garden border service with a time/materials/equipment bid which is much more beneficial for all parties involved in the landscaping project.  On a per/foot bid, a client might pay extra for just a few added feet on the job where as the company might spend more time for only a couple of feet and end up disgruntled.  With a time/materials/equipment bid, we hope to eliminate the need to charge extra for just a few feet as well as have all parties involved be happy with the overall price.

A Better Edge landscape borders and edging is priced by the job as distance, ground preparation and size of border are just a few of the factors involved in pricing a project.  But, if we had to make a guess, a job in Colorado springs would most likely be at the upper end of the below scale.  As you will see from our gallery, we have many sizes, shapes and natural looking patterns to choose from.

We’ve seen many per/foot prices across the country.  Typically, a company might charge 7/per foot for generic curbing.  $1 per foot for color.  $1 per foot for a ‘pattern’.  And more if they need to prepare the area, haul off debris, etc.  With this type of pricing structure, a client who needs grass removed and hauled away, wants a root barrier that works well, wants a patterned product should expect nationally to spend around $12-$13 per foot.    If you hear of someone offering a price of say, $7 a foot, you, as a client, should ask what exactly you are getting for that price.  Here are a few questions that will help in your decision making process:

  1. What is the exact size of the border you are putting down (perhaps measure a sample)?
  2. May I see a sample? (Samples and installed jobs are the best way to see the quality of a product.)  The pattern should look natural and real.  The finish should not be sandy and porous.  The sealer should not be hiding a pour finish or mix quality.
  3. How deep are you digging and how much concrete is going back in the trench you are digging? (Adding fill to beef up the trench can be a typical sales ploy in the industry.  Fill with base and sand is far cheaper than concrete.)
  4. What will be done with the debris that is dug out of the trench?
  5. What is done with the grass or other material that will be on the back side of the new curb?
  6. How long do you warranty your work against cracking and other issues? (A Better Edge has a 5 year unlimited warranty and you can get a 10 year warranty with a maintenance plan.  Really, concrete edging that is done right should last 20+ years)

We are not out to make a quick buck and move on.  Our clients are selective and want the best.  We want to offer you the best product and service.  Some of the things we’ve heard from our clients include: “The service, the product and the workmanship were all very satisfying.  We highly recommend A Better Edge” – Jeff in Falconand“The neighbors have all bragged on it & they are thrilled with it.” – Connie in Monument

Installing A Better Edge properly is a craft and seeing the area that we will be working with is the best way to convey a fair price.  Your lawn is unique and you need to know that what you are getting is what you want and at the price you are quoted.

If you are really curious but still not ready for an on-site appointment, we can offer examples that allow you to see how some of our prior jobs have been priced.

We are the only installer of A Better Edge brand lawn and garden borders and mow-strips in Colorado and our experience has been that A Better Edge Concrete Borders and mow strips are a great value. We believe you will be very impressed when you have us out.