Im not trying to use scare tactics to get anyone to purchase our services.  But after having had so many pet owners over the past 12 years share with us how much money they have spent on vet bills with their dogs, I just have to share.  Metal edging is a hidden knife in your landscape.  I know these are strong words and that it may be fought, but the truth is I’ve heard too many stories and have actually been cut myself while on a proposal for a client.


In a recent Colorado Springs Gazette article, Dr. Lee Wilwerding of Powers Pet Emergency said,

“I would suggest removing any metal edging from your yard. This is notorious for causing the worst and deepest paw lacerations in dogs especially.”  


We have historically found that our customers may spend multiple thousands repairing lacerations on their pet’s legs and paws before discovering the safety of A Better Edge. reports that during a study conducted where they admitted 60 dogs that fit the conditions for the study, these 60 dogs accounted for nearly one-third of all paw injuries at the VTH’s emergency service, according to the study.

“Most dogs were young, large breed dogs,” the study says. “All 60 dogs suffered traumatic pedal lacerations when contacting metal landscape edging, the majority of which occurred on the forelimbs.”

Read more about the study here:

Pub med concludes that metal landscpe edging is also unsafe for children.  In their report titled, Metal lawn and garden edging: the Hidden knife? they state, “Metal lawn and garden edging in landscaped neighborhoods presents a previously undescribed laceration danger to children. Some lacerations sustained from the metal lawn edging are extensive, receiving either multiple layer closure and/or the need for subspecialty consultation.”

Read their full report here:

In short, Metal edging is dangerous and you need to know so that you do not experience these potential risks.  Watch out for it in your yard, on walks past the neighbor who has it and in parks too.

And the shameless plug for our concrete edging still exists as a great weed barrier that looks amazing and the dogs won’t chew it up either. 

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